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Thinking back to when you didn’t know

There’s been a lot of talk lately, a fair bit of it at last week’s Faculty Institute with Maryellen Weimer, regarding how to help students learn how to learn. A good way to begin to strategize on this front is to remember what it was like to acquire the knowledge you currently have. Dr. Russell McCutcheon, chair of Religious Studies here at The University of Alabama, has written about this in a post called “The Proclaimers” on their blog, Studying Religion in Culture. He also offers advice to those currently on the job market, “[W]hile looking for a specialist who will hopefully gain tenure someday and make a lasting contribution to the field are high on my list as a Department chair, you can likely guess that I’m also looking for someone who persuades me that, in the classroom, they can re-imagine themselves as that novice they too once were and can then usher others along to join them where they now are.”

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