Web Services

eTech offers a variety of web support services, including homepage hosting, website creation, and online application development. All web services offered by eTech are free of charge to units within the College of Arts and Sciences. eTech provides these services for

  • departments
  • academic programs
  • service centers and institutes
  • research groups/labs

Our Services

Website Creation & Support

We work with departments and other A&S units to create websites, blogs, and wikis. We tailor our services to each project, based on an assessment of the unit’s needs, audience, and resources, and the condition of the unit’s existing website (if any). Those services include graphic design, content organization and navigation, content revision, and photography. After a website launches, we provide WordPress training to the personnel who’ll be maintaining it.

Websites for academic departments are produced by eTech staff in 10-week production cycles according to a queue established with the approval of the Dean’s Office. Learn more about our process for academic department websites.

The process for building websites for academic programs (e.g., interdisciplinary minors), service centers, research groups, labs, and the like varies considerably from site to site, depending on several factors: time, our workload, and the client’s level of web expertise among them. In some cases, we assemble the site based on a template and offer content organization, navigation, photography, and other services, much as we do for academic departments. In other cases, we set up the site using a template and the client does all of the work, or we refer the client to people.ua.edu.

Web Application Development

The College offers web application development support for creating online processes and digital forms. Web applications developed by eTech are built in PHP and utilize MySQL for database processing.

For further information and project inquiries, contact us at webmaster@as.ua.edu.

Personal Websites

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in obtaining web space for individual use, there are a variety of University services available to you. Email eTech at webmaster@as.ua.edu, and we’ll help you find the service that best suits your needs.

Students seeking web space for student organizations or other purposes should contact the Office of Information Technology, which offers web publishing services to authorized personnel (subject to University policy).

Working with eTech

If you would like to redesign an academic department’s website, please read Web Services for Academic Departments.

If you would like to build any other type of website, including a course blog, start by completing our website request form. We will email you within one week after you submit the form to set up a meeting.

To start any other type of project, begin by completing our project initiation form. We will email you within one week after you submit the form to set up a meeting.

At the meeting, which takes about an hour, we’ll talk about your project and set a materials deadline — a date by which you’ll provide text, data, images, or other items we must have before development work can begin. (What the materials consist of will depend on the project, and we’ll discuss those at our meeting.)

The production schedule for your site will start on the materials deadline. If you find that you can’t produce the requested materials by that deadline, we will work with you to negotiate a new schedule. In the event that you miss a deadline, progress on your site may be significantly delayed as work is completed for other units within the College that have scheduled our services in advance.