Academic Continuity Support

Thank you for completing the Academic Continuity Exercise! Please see below for more information.

The College of Arts and Sciences will conduct a series of academic continuity exercises that will help us plan for an emergency and find ways to carry on our educational mission in the event of an unexpected and/or extended campus shut-down. eTech will assist with this effort, working with departments to ensure that iPads are up-to-date, that they have software that has been designated as critical to our academic continuity plan, and that iPads are enrolled in Casper, our mobile device management system.

Please see the University’s homepage,, for official emergency updates and school closures.

2015-2016 Academic Continuity Exercise

Beginning October 21, 2015, all departments within the College are expected to undergo a college-wide exercise. The following elements of the exercise are required by the Dean’s Office:

  • The A&S dean’s office will distribute two short exercises (Qualtrics) to each department chair.
  • The department chairs will distribute Exercise #1 to every faculty and staff member.
  • The department chairs will distribute Exercise #2 to faculty for their students, which faculty will distribute to their students through BBL.

Chairs are welcome to promote the exercise as much as they want to their departments. All faculty, staff, and students will be expected to complete their assigned exercise by the end of Tuesday, October 27.

Continuity of Academic Services

  • All classes must have a shell in Blackboard Learn
  • All instructors must enter their syllabi into the OSM syllabus tool and import their syllabus into the appropriate Blackboard shell with the integration tool
  • All instructors will offer an assessment in Blackboard Learn

Continuity of Administrative Services

  • Departments should create a phone tree and communication list (via a departmental list serve, distribution list, etc.)

eTech’s Role in the Academic Continuity Exercise

  • Purchase academic continuity apps on behalf of the departments
  • Enroll all College iPads in Casper, the college mobile device management system
  • Guide faculty, staff, and instructors in setting up and using the apps (see tutorials at the bottom of this page)
  • Compile academic continuity reports into a full College report

Faculty Resource Center’s Role in the Academic Continuity Exercise

Faculty can create their own shells in Blackboard. For more information see “Create or Combine Blackboard Learn Courses” at

For more information about these academic continuity exercises, contact Ruth Pionke.

Additional Resources

Installing Academic Continuity Apps on Your iPad: Tutorials