Redesigned A&S Website

If you have a problem viewing the new College of Arts and Sciences website your browser software may be attempting to load out-of-date “cached” information. To resolve this, please follow the specific resolution steps listed below. Internet Explorer Clear your

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Freeing up memory on your iOS device

David Pogue on Yahoo Tech has written a helpful post on quick and easy ways to free up memory on the iPhone. These tips also work for the iPad. Some of his tips are pretty obvious–delete movies from your device–but

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Thinking back to when you didn’t know

There’s been a lot of talk lately, a fair bit of it at last week’s Faculty Institute with Maryellen Weimer, regarding how to help students learn how to learn. A good way to begin to strategize on this front is

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Getting access to the A&S Share Drives from home

One of the questions we answer most frequently at eTech has to do with College employees getting access to share drives from home. If you’re using your iPad, you’ll need to run the VPN first (that’s handled through the AnyConnect

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Maryellen Weimer and writing good multiple-choice questions

I’m looking forward to the UA Faculty Institute today and tomorrow because Faculty Focus’s Maryellen Weimer is running the program. Her posts on the Faculty Focus blog are always pleasantly pragmatic. Today’s post (March 5, 2014) is an excellent example.

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VPN will be required to use remote desktop

Beginning April 1, 2014, all University of Alabama employees who wish to remote in to their on-campus computer must run a VPN (virtual private network) in order to connect. Visit the Tech tab in to download the Cisco VPN

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How to fix rapid battery drain in iOS 7

This quick fix, reported on the website, is just good practice generally. If you notice that your iPhone or iPad battery is draining rapidly, double-click the Home button to get to the multitasking menu and swipe to close all

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Tegrity and the muddiest point

The “muddiest point” is a classroom assessment technique that faculty can use to gauge understanding of material presented in class or in readings. Ann Carlson has a great explanation of how this technique can be used (from the Western Washington

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What is the best length for a Tegrity recording?

Faculty can use Tegrity, the lecture capture tool licensed by the University of Alabama, to record their in-class lectures or provide supplementary videos that automatically upload to Blackboard. The in-class lecture recordings, as you might imagine, tend to last about

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How do faculty and staff get new computers?

eTech uses a web-based request system to administer the acquisition of computers for College of Arts and Sciences employees. As soon as the hiring process has been finalized, new faculty will receive a verification code from eTech that they will

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