A&S Accessibility Website Now Live!

Faculty and staff members with questions about accessibility on their websites or in their classrooms can find answers at accessibleweb.as.ua.edu. The site offers links to great resources on and off campus, but its primary concern is practicality: What can A&S

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URL shortcut for iPhone users

Save a little bit of time poking your iPhone screen with this tip: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/a-simple-trick-to-make-typing-web-addresses-easier-on-95122403739.html

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Welcome to the end of Windows XP

Starting this month, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP. What’s that mean for you? Ruth Pionke, eTech’s director and the College’s senior information officer, explains As of April 2014, Microsoft discontinued all support for Windows XP. We realize that there

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Getting a department@ua.edu email or calendar account

If you need an email or Exchange calendar account for your department (or other A&S entity), complete this form: Department Email/Calendar Request. Questions about the form? Call (348-4832) or email us.

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Welcome to Our New Website

We’ve rebuilt our web presence from the ground up, focusing our efforts on three goals: Provide timely, useful information about A&S hardware, software, and technology resources. Create straightforward processes for initiating new projects and requesting services, rooms, software, and equipment.

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Social media guidelines

Plenty of departments and offices across this campus — and at campuses worldwide — have active social media presences, but if you ask the people charged with maintaining them how they feel about institutional social media, you’ll hear some common

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What’s “accessibility” got to do with your website?

If you’re one of the people charged with maintaining your department’s website, you might have heard or read about accessibility. Accessibility is about making the web available to and usable by as many people as possible — including people with

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Verify room/building access each semester

Make sure your faculty, staff, instructors, and GTAs can access the rooms and buildings they need to use — submit your department’s access request before the beginning of each semester. Email your request to eTech@ua.edu. Include the following information for

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Need iPads for new faculty and staff?

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Continuity Plan, iPads are provided to all faculty, renewable FTTIs, and staff of the College. When you hire new a new person, email eTech@ua.edu to request an iPad. We’ll schedule the employee’s

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Remind your new faculty: Request computers by May 15

If your department has hired new faculty members, contact them now to make sure they submit their computer requests to eTech no later than May 15 for the coming academic year. They can email us at etech@ua.edu to get started.

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