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Verify room/building access each semester

Make sure your faculty, staff, instructors, and GTAs can access the rooms and buildings they need to use — submit your department’s access request before the beginning of each semester. Email your request to Include the following information for

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Need iPads for new faculty and staff?

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Continuity Plan, iPads are provided to all faculty, renewable FTTIs, and staff of the College. When you hire new a new person, email to request an iPad. We’ll schedule the employee’s

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Remind your new faculty: Request computers by May 15

If your department has hired new faculty members, contact them now to make sure they submit their computer requests to eTech no later than May 15 for the coming academic year. They can email us at to get started.

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Remember to cut off former employees’ building access

Is anyone leaving your department at the end of the semester? Has anybody left recently? Tell eTech! When faculty, staff, contract employees, or students who have swipe card or security code access to A&S rooms and buildings leave the University,

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Planning to teach in a computer lab this fall? Request it now!

If you hope to teach in an A&S computer lab in fall 2014 — whether for a handful of class meetings or the entire semester (instead of a classroom) — we recommend that you make that request soon. Reservation requests

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Keeping your Apple devices secure

If you’re currently using any Apple products, please be aware that updates have recently been sent out (beginning on February 21, 2014) to fix security issues that affect iMacs, MacBooks (Pros and Airs), Mac Pros, and mobile devices (iPads and

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