Do I need to update my VPN client?

Yes, if you haven’t done so since March 2020.

In March, OIT launched a new VPN (VPN2) to address the increase in traffic when so many faculty, staff, and students started working from home. OIT is planning to decommission the old VPN as of August 11.

If you have not updated your VPN client and try to connect to the old VPN in the next few weeks, you may receive a message from OIT asking you to update your client. If you are using the VPN on mobile devices and personal machines, you will not get the auto-reminder, but you may still need to update your VPN address if your connection ceases to function (“OIT to Decommission Legacy VPN”).

Directions for how to access the VPN can be found on OIT’s website. Feel free to contact OIT at or Jason Miller at if you need further assistance.