UA Email Account and Department Share Folder Access Request

Normally, a new employee’s UA email account is automatically created when a Faculty/Staff Set-up Form or electronic PA (ePA) is submitted to HR Office and posted by payroll input. However, the department’s office administrative staff may need to submit a request for a new email account and/or access to department shared drive for their new hire. To do this, submit your request to the IT service desk by completing their AD/Exchange Account Request Form.

Use the AD/Exchange Account Request Form to

  • Request UA email account when email account was not automatically generated after payroll input has posted the Faculty/Staff Set-up Form or ePA into Banner
  • Request to move an email account of a staff who is transferring from another college or department
  • Request access to department share folder for newly hired faculty or staff
  • Request changes to department share folder for a current employee
  • Report the departure of an employee (one who has already left or is about to leave) so IT service desk can turn off his/her share drive access or cancel their email account. Enter your request to terminate an email account and/or share folder access by filling out the “Other Information” box.

To complete the AD/Exchange Account Request Form

  • Under “Select AD/Exchange account type to populate a form,” click on the arrow and select “Faculty/Staff/Student/Affiliate”
  • Fill out all required information to create an email account or to give access to a department share folder.
  • Select the corresponding “Department Affiliate”
  • If a faculty and staff need access to a designated folder or should not have access to a specific folder, enter this information under “Other Information” box.