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We encourage you to use the search bar at the bottom right hand corner of this page or go to our policies page. Many of your questions can be answered by reading the applicable policy. If your question hasn’t been answered or your issue hasn’t been resolved, please contact us at 205-348-4832.

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Q: What does eTech do?
A: eTech provides logistical, instructional and technical support for the iPad Initiative and Academic Continuity. We assist faculty and staff with teaching workflow, A&S building room reservations, and website creation. eTech also monitors and creates content for A&S’s web site and social media accounts. For more information, go to our About page.

Q: How can I find the eTech offices and where do I park?
A: The eTech office is in the basement of the Bureau of Mines building 1 (aka ROTC building), which is on the main Quad at the corner of 7th Avenue and Capstone Drive; if you’re standing on Capstone Drive facing away from Gorgas Library and the Quad, Bureau of Mines is between Garland Hall on the left and Smith Hall on the right. If you enter the door on the 7th Avenue side, the eTech office will be the first door on your left.

Suggested parking lots: There is parking along Capstone Drive. If no spaces are available there, Campus Drive deck and the deck and parking lot at the Ferguson Center are the closest.

Q: I’m having issues with STAR (lost password, questions about an event, etc.)
A: Check out A&S’s STAR web site, which should answer many of your questions.


Q: I’m having issues (updates, apps, etc.) with my iPad.
A: Call A&S iPad Support at (205) 348-8062.

Q: How do I reset my Apple ID?
A: Use Apple’s “I Forgot” site.  If you need further help, call iPad Support at (205) 348-8062.

Q: What do I do if my iPad is broken, lost or stolen?
A: If the iPad is not functioning (won’t charge, or apps not performing etc) contact iPad Support at 348-8062. If your iPad is damaged or broken, please ask for Alma Fuller.  She will check the warranty and arrange for you to have a replacement. If you certain your iPad has been stolen, contact University of Alabama police and/or local authorities where the iPad was lost and contact eTech. If you’ve misplaced your iPad please contact us at eTech.

Computer Labs & Room Reservations

Q: What computer labs does eTech oversee?

A: Here’s a list of the computer labs we manage. If they have any questions email to

Q: I can’t get into my building/classroom that I reserved.

A: Please call Security Resources 348-9494.

Q: Are there computer labs that are unavailable to reserve?

A: Gordon Palmer 152, Farrah 301A and Morgan 238 are open labs and unavailable.

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve a computer lab?

A: As soon as the scheduling season is open, you should make a request. If you’d like to block a lab for an entire semester for a class, submit requests at least two months prior to the semester requested. Single-date or short-term requests should be made at least 2 business days in advance.

Q: How will I know my reservation is complete and accepted?

A: We’ll send you a confirmation email once a lab assignment has been made.

Q: What should I do if I have issues with multimedia systems or audiovisual equipment (TV, computer, projector, podium etc.) in my reserved room?

A: Please report multimedia issues to the campus Audio Visual Solution (AVS) office at 348-3453. The computer login is your MyBama credentials.

Loaner Program

Q: How long may I keep equipment I’ve received from eTech’s loaner program?

A: Up to two weeks, although some equipment, such as projectors, can be reserved for longer depending on availability. It must be returned by the agreed upon date or forfeit their right to use the loaner program.

Office Equipment, Etc.

Q: How do I get my department/UA email or shared drive access?

A: We have two request forms to make the on-boarding process smoother. To receive a UA e-mail and shared drive access, please use our UA Email/Share Folder form. To get a department email/calendar, please use our Department Email request form.

Q: What do I with old equipment I no longer need? Do I send it to surplus?

A: Please take a look at the policies regarding equipment disposal (PDF). Complete our technology pick up form and we’ll pick it up.

Q: My office computer isn’t working, I’m having issues with software/hardware for my desktop computer, or I haven’t received it yet.

A: Please contact the Office of Information Technology service desk at 348-5555 or email at to create a support ticket if you are having issues.  If you are faculty or staff and have not received their office computer contact Alma Fuller at 205-348-4832 to check on the status.  

Q: My Blackboard is down.

A: Contact the Faculty Resource Center for questions involving Tegrity, Blackboard, Turning Technologies or UA Box at 348-3532 or email them at   

Web Services

Q: How can I get a website?

A: Use for individual faculty pages and conferences. If you need a website for an academic program or research group, or you want to update an existing website, contact eTech. If you need more information on getting a web site for a student organization, please contact the Source at Student Services.

Q: My website is broken or I’m seeing error messages when I go to an A&S site.

A:  Please let us know if a web site is broken by emailing