How Do I Create a Poll on Zoom?

Creating polls in Zoom is easy. To get started, open the meeting in which you want to administer a poll. At the bottom of the meeting screen, click on Polls. A pop-up window will appear where you can create as many questions as you like. You can create your questions ahead of time so they are ready for you whenever you start your meeting.

Once you launch your meeting, the poll should automatically appear in a pop-up. You can either minimize or close the pop-up if you do not want to use the poll until later in the meeting. When you are ready to conduct your poll, just click Polls at the bottom and click Launch in the pop-up, and all of your attendees will be able to view it and respond.

Zoom polls can be useful for meetings and classes when you want to get some feedback from your participants. For more information on Zoom polling, please see Polling for meetings – Zoom Help Center.