What Kinds of Videos We Record

eTech provides videography services to A&S departments upon request, depending on availability of personnel and resources. Most of our video work involves recording and editing lectures, such as the ALLELE and Philosophy Today series, for distribution via Vimeo and iTunes U. We also produce short videos for news stories and social media, among other projects.

You can view lectures we’ve recorded on our Vimeo page, vimeo.com/etech; here are some examples of short videos we’ve shot and edited recently:

What We Don’t Record

While we strive to meet the video needs of all A&S faculty and staff, we reserve the right to refuse any request that falls outside our mandate from the A&S dean or that places excessive demand on our staff or student workers.

We also do not produce the following types of videos:

  • job interviews
  • classes taught or lectures given by prospective faculty for the benefit of search committee members
  • videos used in faculty members’ research (though we will make videos about faculty members’ research)
  • videos for online courses
  • current faculty members’ classes for personal review or similar uses

Recording Your Own Video

Sometimes faculty or staff want to record videos that fall outside our purview; other times we’re unable to book a videographer for an event due to scheduling conflicts. In either case, we encourage the faculty or staff members to check out our loaner camera.

This easy-to-use camera comes with rechargeable batteries; on the camera’s case is the URL for an instructional video on using the camera and tripod. The camera also uses SD cards, which are not provided. Any post-recording editing is the borrower’s responsibility.

Complete the Borrow A&S Technology form at https://etech.as.ua.edu/hardware-software/equipment/ to request a reservation.

Working with eTech’s Video Services

Before the Event

Get the speakers’ permission.

Before you request our services, ask the speaker/s for their permission to be recorded. Oral or emailed permission is fine at this stage, but we need to know that you’ve obtained it before we’ll schedule any of our videographers. Speakers don’t like being surprised by a video camera; you can avoid embarrassment by getting their permission ahead of time.

You’ll need to get your speaker/s to sign the UA release form before we will edit or distribute the recording. You can download the form from itunes.ua.edu.

Request video services early.

To schedule an eTech videographer, complete our video request form or email Lisa Yessick, director of digital content, at lisa.yessick@ua.edu.

Make your request as early as possible; at least three weeks’ notice is ideal. We cannot honor requests made on the day of the event, and we are only rarely able to honor requests made within 48 hours. Availability of video services depends on the schedules of our videographers, who are students, which means they work limited hours and must prioritize classes above all else.

Be aware that during certain times of the year, our videographers may be less available than usual. These times include the last few class days before a vacation or the end of a semester; exam week; summer; and the first week of the fall and spring semesters.

Be responsive.

Please respond promptly to all email, phone calls, or text messages from eTech staff regarding your request or reservation. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of your reservation.

Please note that if UA administration decides to close campus due to inclement weather or some other circumstance, all reservations will be canceled without notice as of the officially announced closing time. If you reschedule your event, notify us as soon as you have a date and time; for scheduling purposes, that rescheduled event is a new event, so you need to make a separate request for it.

After the Event

Video editing takes time. Depending on the time of year and our video/captioning workload, expect two to eight weeks for a video to be rendered, edited, and captioned. If you need your video sooner, please tell us before the event.

All videos intended for any instructional purpose must be transcribed and captioned. If you need your video quickly for a class, we may ask you to verify that none of your students require those accommodations. If nobody needs the captions or transcript, we’ll post your video in a non-public location for a limited time, send you a link you may distribute to your students, then take it down when the captioned version is available.

You can check your video’s progress through our editing process on our tracking spreadsheet, bit.ly/track_etech_video.