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Keeping your Apple devices secure

If you’re currently using any Apple products, please be aware that updates have recently been sent out (beginning on February 21, 2014) to fix security issues that affect iMacs, MacBooks (Pros and Airs), Mac Pros, and mobile devices (iPads and iPhones). These issues could allow someone to access your device, even if you are on a secure network. If you use any of these devices at work or at home, please install the updates immediately. Do not use your device to access any sensitive sites (banking, etc.) until you have completed these updates.

Updating your devices is relatively simple:

For iPads and iPhones: Go to Settings, General, and select Software Update.

For iMacs and MacBooks: Go to the Apple icon (top left of your screen) and select Software Update.

Feel free to contact the eTech main office ( if you have any questions.

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