Scanning Documents

Some A&S departments have requested scanners. While eTech is happy to help departments who need them, please know that a physical scanner is rarely necessary. There are quicker, cheaper, and arguably easier ways to get the job done:


UA’s Adobe license gives us a handy app called AdobeScan, which we can use on mobile devices (phone and tablets). The app works with iOS and Android and allows for completing and signing forms as well. Once you download the app, sign in using your myBama credentials (i.e., and your myBama password), and the app will take you to the UA sign-in page. Want a tutorial? Here are two:


The Notes app on the IPhone functions as a scanner too.  It’s free and already in the IPhone basic setup. Text tutorial:

Remember: If the materials you’re scanning will be distributed to your students, open the scanned file in Adobe Acrobat Pro and use the accessibility tools to find and fix accessibility problems.