What changes are happening to Eduroam?

For those of you who use UA wireless, you know that you are connecting to Eduroam. But did you know that your Eduroam connection also allows you to access wireless at over 600 universities in 89 countries? If you are ever visiting a participating university, just click on their Eduroam and log in with your mybamausername@ua.edu email address and myBama password.

For those of you who have never used Eduroam outside of UA, you may have just been logging into the wireless with your myBama username and password. Please note that as of May 5, Eduroam will no longer accept the myBama username only and will require you to add the @ua.edu to the end of the username. For security purposes, UA resets its wireless system over the summer, so for those of you who have been working remotely this year, you will notice the change when you return to campus.

For more information on this topic, visit Eduroam WIFI Change – oit.ua.edu | The University of Alabama.