Why does BlackBoard Learn (BBL) keep timing out on me?

If you have ever worked with BBL on a laptop, then you may occasionally have attempted to submit assignments or grades, only to have the system kick you back to the login page. If this unfortunate situation has happened to you, it is likely because you were on wireless and BBL lost its internet connection. When this happens, BBL requires the user to reidentify themselves and deletes any work that was done since the system was last connected. So how does one avoid this problem? First, we recommend that you work with BBL on a computer or laptop that has a hardwired internet connection (ethernet cable). If this is not possible, then we recommend you use a robust connection and save your work frequently. These precautions also apply to any students taking exams on BBL. If you have exams that do not require your students to work on their exams while connected to BBL, then we recommend that your students complete their work on an offline program, such as Word, and copy/paste their work into BBL when submitting their exam. BBL is aware of the issue and hopefully will correct this problem in a future update.