Welcome to eTech

We provide a wide range of technology and services to faculty and staff throughout the College, including

  • Office computer equipment for new faculty and staff
  • Technology information and assistance
  • Website creation and support for Arts and Sciences divisions
  • Publicity for College news and events through the A&S website and social media
  • Computer labs for faculty and students
  • Design and scheduling of digital signage in A&S buildings
  • Photography services for events in the College
  • Support for the College’s technology initiatives

That’s just a brief summary of the services we offer. Got technology questions? Browse this site, or contact our main office or an individual member of the eTech staff.

eTech staff member helping a person with an iPad

Tech Tips

Office 365 Migration on a Mac

COVID-19 and Academic Continuity

Check out our guide to campus resources for working remotely.

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Academic Continuity Tips

Learn more about the technologies that make remote work and online teaching possible

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