An Overview of UA Technology

Employees of the College of Arts and Sciences will interact most frequently with three organizations that deal with different areas of campus technology: the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT), and eTech, the Office of Educational Technology. Services provided by those three organizations are described below.

The Alabama Digital Humanities Center in Gorgas Library offers faculty, staff, and advanced students resources to explore digital humanities. Visit the Alabama Digital Humanities Center website to find out more about their services.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT)

This organization serves the entire university and provides the following services:

  • Main source of technology support for The University of Alabama
  • Installs and maintains faculty and staff office computers and department computer labs
  • Operates IT Service Desk (ITSD) to address any technology issues for faculty and staff, call them at 348-5555
  • Controls university systems and network security
  • Administers the university share drive servers
  • Maintains the university wireless and email
  • Obtains licenses and offers tech support for most of the software available to faculty and staff.

The Center for Instructional Technology (CIT)

This organization serves the entire university. Three subunits provide the following services:

Audio/Visual Systems (AVS)

  • Maintains and supports all multimedia room equipment, including imaging and support of A&S computer classrooms
  • Answers help phone located next to the multimedia podiums (dial 2); or call direct at 348-6011

Faculty Resource Center (FRC)

  • Supports and provides training on the enterprise instructional technology tools, such as Blackboard Learn, Tegrity, Turning Technologies Student Response System (clickers), Turnitin, Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Contact them at 348-3532 or

Multimedia Services (MMS)

  • Provides web, photography, videography and training and education services to academic partners on campus
  • Administers and provides support for faculty websites at; also administers iTunes U
  • Contact them at 348-6986

Emerging Technology and Accessibility (ETA)

  • Oversees the University’s technology accessibility planning and implementation
  • Contact them at 348-0216

The Office of Educational Technology (eTech)

eTech serves faculty, instructors, and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences and provides the following:

Computers and Other Technology

Space and Access

A&S Classroom Technology and Computer Labs

The College of Arts and Sciences administers the technology in a number of rooms and buildings traditionally associated with the College across campus. Within those buildings, we provide the following services:

Instructional Technology, Active Learning, Academic Continuity, and Online Courses

Web Services

  • Creation and support of college and department websites
  • Creation and support of websites for some associated organizations
  • Creation and support of blogs for classroom use