A&S Surplus Pickup Procedures

In order to limit person-to-person interaction, please follow the new guidelines for identifying and processing surplus equipment for pickup:

  1. The department should notify eTech that they have equipment ready for pickup by going to the new request form at the link.
  2. UA tag number: If your department purchased equipment originally valued at over $5,000, this equipment will likely have a UA tag (See Where to Find Serial Numbers for a photo of this label). Due to the additional steps required by UA to remove this type of equipment from their central inventory system, it is important that this tag information be included on the form. Equipment that is still in the UA inventory may require the department to complete a transaction form prior to pickup.
  3. Please store all equipment in a single pickup location, whenever possible. If it is not possible to do this, please group equipment in as few locations as possible. Multiple rooms can be listed on a single request form. If the items are in more than one building, the department must complete a separate Pick-up List for Technology Equipment for each building.
  4. Once the surplus list is complete, please send this list to the eTech logistics office at ASLogistics@ua.edu and cc Alma Fuller at alma.fuller@ua.edu. Someone from the eTech office will contact you if there are any questions.
  5. After the list is received, the eTech logistics office will submit a request for the items to be picked up by eTech staff or UA Logistics.
  6. For rooms that are normally secured during workdays, please provide a contact name and number that can be used to gain access to that room. (We strongly recommend that the items be stored in a location that is accessible by the main office staff since we cannot control when UA Logistics may arrive.)
  7. If there are special instructions regarding room access or the items being picked up, please enter those in the comments box on the Pick-up List for Technology Equipment. Although we cannot guarantee exact pickup times, we can make a note if you have preferred dates or times of day (morning vs. afternoon).
  8. After we have reviewed the list and submitted the pickup request, our staff will send you a confirmation email detailing the estimated pickup day. Turnaround will vary, depending on the availability of the UA Logistics team; however, we will try to get the items removed from your area within two weeks after you receive confirmation from our staff.

Download Pick-up List for Technology Equipment (xls)

Note: These guidelines apply only to Arts and Sciences faculty and staff.