FAQ: Hardware & Software

Email and Share Folder Access

How do I get a UA email account and/or share folder access?
To request a UA email account or share folder access, complete the IT service desk’s AD/Exchange Account Request Form.

What about a department email and/or calendar account?
To request a department email or calendar account that is linked to an entity rather than to an employee (such as events@ua.edu or englishoffice@ua.edu), complete the IT service desk’s AD/Exchange Account Request Form.


How do I purchase computer equipment using department, grant, startup, or award funds?
The College strongly recommends that all desktop, laptop, and tablet purchases made with alternative funding sources like these be made through eTech. See the policy on UA-owned equipment. Submit your request via the Purchasing Computers form.

How do faculty and staff, whether new or current, get new computers?
This is covered in detail on New Computers for Faculty & Staff. Short version: eTech will email you a verification code and instructions.

What if I want a fancier/bigger/faster computer than the College offers?
We have a request process for that. Please read our custom computer request policy.

What about printers?
Standard black-and-white printers are provided by the College upon the faculty or staff member’s start date and will be replaced as needed.

I haven’t received my computer equipment yet.
If you are an A&S faculty or staff member and haven’t received your office computer, please email Alma Fuller, alma.fuller@ua.edu, to check the status of your equipment.

What should I do with old computer equipment? Do I send it to surplus?
Follow the instructions in the College’s surplus pickup procedures, and we will arrange for your equipment to be picked up. See the College’s policy on technology disposal for more information.

Technology Resources

What software is available to UA faculty and staff?
For a list of available software, visit oit.ua.edu/software.

Where can I find information on Blackboard, Box, or teaching technology?
The Center for Instructional Technology provides a number of instructional technology resources on its website, cit.ua.edu.

What technology resources are available to new faculty and staff?
The Office of Information Technology offers a variety of resources to help you get started at UA.

Where can I borrow video equipment on campus?
eTech no longer offers loaner equipment or video recording services for lectures, events, and news/promotional purposes, but there are several places on campus to borrow free camera equipment. Check out our videography page for a list of campus resources, plus tips and resources for recording and editing your own videos.

What software and equipment do you recommend for podcasting?
While eTech doesn’t offer equipment or direct assistance with recording or editing podcasts, you can check out our podcasting page for some general advice about equipment and software. The Teaching Hub also offers some advice about podcast planning and content.


My computer isn’t working/I’m having issues with software or hardware.
Please contact the OIT service desk at (205) 348-5555 or itsd@ua.edu.

My classroom’s multimedia system isn’t working.
Call Audio Visual Solutions (AVS) via the red phone in your classroom or (205) 348-3453.