Arts and Sciences Custom Order Policy for A&S Office Computers

The College of Arts and Sciences will cover $1,100 toward a custom computer. Faculty research/start-up funds or the department must cover the remainder of the cost of the computer. Although Apple and Dell computers are preferred for office use, faculty can request other brands but require approval from the A&S Information Technology Director.

To complete a custom computer request for your A&S office computer, please follow these steps:

1. Submit your custom computer request to the A&S hardware request system at The Dean’s Office provides a verification code to access the request system for new hire faculty, while the eTech provides the code for office computer replacements.

2. After submitting your request, send the detailed description of the computer you want to eTech at We recommend you get a quote from Apple, Dell, or an approved vendor’s website and send it to us.

    • While we recommend a 5-year basic warranty for Dell computers, a 4-year basic warranty is acceptable for A&S to agree to fund the $1,100 toward this purchase.
    • Apple computers must include 4-year AppleCare+ and other brands need to include a 4-year warranty for A&S to agree to fund the $1,100 toward this purchase.
    • All Dell and other brand laptops must also come with a 4-year accidental protection plan.
    • If you do not include a 4-year warranty on your computer and have problems before your replacement, you will be responsible for fixing the item.

3. Once you send the computer description to, eTech staff will get a quote from the approved vendors and send it to you for your review.

4. If everything looks good, you must send us the FOAP account number for the funds you will use to cover the remainder of the cost. The department budget office administrator can help you get the account number.

5. Once we receive the above information, we will approve and submit your order. The computer will be shipped to eTech and imaged/installed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

    • We will order what’s on the final quote. You are responsible for ensuring its accuracy.

Please note that all custom orders are final and that the $1,100 is for A&S office computers only — the College will not exchange your new computer for a different one if you change your mind or are unhappy with your purchase. You will need to wait until the next time you are due for a replacement, so order exactly what you want. The faculty will be notified every five years regarding eligibility for replacement.

Also, note that custom computers are still considered A&S-owned technology and must be returned to the College when you receive your next A&S replacement machine. Faculty will not be reimbursed for the upgrade cost when the computer is returned to A&S. Be aware that some federal grant money cannot be combined with state funds to purchase this computer.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the eTech main office at 348-4832 or