New Computers for Faculty & Staff

Current Faculty and Staff

eTech’s inventory system notifies us when current faculty and staff members are eligible to receive new computers. When you’re eligible, you’ll receive an email with a verification code and instructions for making your computer request; these requests are made online.

The ideal computer replacement cycle in the College of Arts and Sciences is every five years. This replacement cycle applies only to an individual’s primary office computer, and not to additional computers purchased with startup funds for research labs or provided for other reasons. eTech staff use the College inventory system to identify those employees eligible for computer replacement.

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New Faculty and Staff

For new faculty and staff, as soon as the hiring process has been finalized, new faculty will receive a verification code from eTech that they will use to submit their computer request.

Computer Request Process

Employees will be asked what additional software available at The University of Alabama they may need on their new or replacement computer. Some of these programs require a license fee. Current employees will also be asked to provide details about data backup and transfer to the new equipment.

After the request has been placed and processed and the computer purchased and logged into inventory, an OIT (Office of Information Technology) technician will install the basic software package (Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and MacAfee) and any requested additional UA software. OIT no longer installs third-party software, so any specialized software purchased and licensed separately by the home department will need to be installed by the employee.

When the computer is ready, an OIT technician will set up an appointment to install the computer in your workspace. If you are a current UA employee receiving a computer replacement, the OIT technician will work with you to transfer any usernames, passwords, or bookmarks, as well as check to see that your programs were installed and that your data transferred successfully.

More Information

For questions concerning replacements or repairs, contact Alma Fuller at