Why is OIT emailing me about Modern Authentication?

Now that DUO two-factor authentication is required for faculty and staff email accounts, it is important that you have the most recent authentication system set up on your phone. If you are using the Outlook app on your phone and tablet (looks like a blue square with an “O”), you should be fine. If you are using the native app on an iOS device (looks like a white envelope), such as an iPhone or iPad, you may have received an email from OIT with the heading “Email Security, Transition to Modern Authentication.” If you received such an email, this means that you need to update your authentication system. Fortunately, OIT has instructions and a video tutorial on their website that you can follow. Please note that if you do not update your mail app by September 27, you will automatically be logged out of the system and will need to add the account again to your device.

Please contact OIT at itservicedesk@ua.edu or 205-348-5555 with any questions.

See https://oit.ua.edu/article/switch-from-activesync-to-modern-authentication/ for more information.