Hardware & Software


eTech provides a range of services related to hardware within the College of Arts and Sciences:

  • acquisition of new computers for new and current faculty and staff
  • purchase of computers with department, grant, startup, or award funds
  • issuance and support for College iPads
  • pickup of surplus technology

Computers for Faculty and Staff

eTech’s inventory system notifies us when current faculty and staff members are eligible to receive new computers. You’ll receive an email with a verification code and instructions for making your computer request; these requests are made online.

New faculty and staff experience a similar process: As soon as the hiring process has been finalized, new faculty will receive a verification code from eTech that they will use to submit their computer request.

For additional details about our computer request or replacement process, visit New Computers for Faculty and Staff.

Purchasing Computers with Department, Grant, Startup, or Award Funds

If you would like to purchase computer equipment using grant, startup, or other funds, visit our page about Buying Computers with Alternative Funding Sources.

iPads for Faculty and Staff

The College of Arts and Sciences provides iPads to state-funded eligible faculty, renewable FTTI, and staff of the College. iPads are issued only to faculty and staff who did not receive laptop computers from the College.

Visit our iPads page for more information about iPads in A&S.

Surplus Computers and Equipment

eTech keeps an inventory of all state-purchased equipment and arranges for its removal to Surplus when it’s no longer needed. If you’re ready to get rid of old technology, please follow the College’s surplus pickup procedures.


The University of Alabama purchases site-wide licenses for many software applications so that all UA faculty and staff have access to these tools. Visit OIT’s Software page for a list of these applications.