Hardware / Software

eTech provides a range of services related to hardware and software within the College of Arts and Sciences. We also provide hardware and software support for College iPads.


Borrow Arts and Sciences Equipment: Is your laptop in the shop? Are you giving a presentation in a room without multimedia? Request to borrow Arts and Sciences technology.

Request a New Computer: For faculty and staff within the College of Arts and Sciences, our inventory system notifies us when you are eligible to receive a new computer. For more information on this process, read “How do faculty and staff get new computers?”.

Purchasing Computers with Department, Grant, Startup, or Award Funds: If you would like to purchase computer equipment using grant or other funds, please do so through eTech.

Surplus Computers and Equipment: eTech keeps an inventory of all state-purchased equipment. If you’re ready to get rid of old technology, let us know. We’ll arrange for pickup, wipe any hard drives, and take the equipment over to surplus.


A&S Administered Software

The University of Alabama purchases site-wide licenses for many software applications so that all UA faculty and staff have access to these tools. However, some applications have been purchased by the College of Arts & Sciences for use by College employees. This page explains how some of the newer licenses are managed by UA and A&S.