University of Alabama–Owned Technology

To: College of A&S, Department Chairs, Staff, and Faculty

From: Robert Olin, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Date: November 9, 2012

Re: UA-Owned Technology

In order to make sure that the UA College of Arts and Sciences complies with Alabama state law regarding the purchase and maintenance of technology, departments and faculty should be aware of the following policies:

  1. Each A&S department now has one staff person as their designated Technology Equipment Coordinator (TEC). The department TECs are responsible for keeping track of all technology within their departments. This includes periodic inventory checks, collection of technology when staff and faculty leave, and distribution of technology-related information relayed by the College. Department TECs should be notified every time technology is purchased within the department, whether the equipment is being purchased using department, grant, award, or startup funds.
  2. All technology purchased through the departmental process, regardless of funding source, is considered UA-owned and must be returned if a faculty member should leave the College. This includes technology purchased with department money, many outside grants, start-up, Leadership Board funds, and grant money that is taken in lieu of salary. The general rule—unless a faculty or staff member has purchased technology with his or her own personal credit card or bank account—is that the technology belongs to UA.
  3. Whenever departments decide to purchase computers, they should contact eTech in order to make sure that their purchase meets minimum requirements and will work with the UA systems. This can be done by completing the Computer Purchases Using Department, Grant, Startup, and Awards Funds form. Department TECs should always be notified when technology purchases are made so they can make sure that the appropriate information is gathered for inventory purposes.
  4. All technology, regardless of whether it is purchased by College, department, startup, grant, or award funds should be registered in the A&S inventory system maintained by eTech. This centrally located database will allow departments to easily find information on their equipment, in the event of loss, damage, or warranty work.
  5. All UA-owned technology must be returned before faculty or staff members leave the College. Retired/emeritus faculty can continue using their computers, but all technology must remain on the UA campus, and all A&S iPads are returned to eTech when a faculty member retires — no exceptions. Technology can be returned to their department TEC or eTech. Although the departments will do their best to remind exiting personnel to hand in their technology, all faculty and staff should be aware that keeping UA-owned equipment is in direct violation of the Alabama state ethics law. For those who refuse to return their technology, the University is required by law (Ala. Code § 36-25-17) to report their actions to the State Ethics Commission as a violation of the ethics law. If confirmed, an ethics law violation carries the potential for criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.
  6. While currently employed faculty are allowed to use UA technology in their homes, all equipment must be included on an off-site equipment form, which can be provided to you by eTech. This equipment must be brought back to the department a minimum of once a year for inspection for inventory purposes. Faculty will be notified when annual inventory checks will take place and can coordinate with their department TECs regarding the best time to bring the equipment to campus. The technology must be physically seen by the TEC and eTech — pictures are not an acceptable substitution.