Classroom Swipe-Card Access

In order to provide better security, The University of Alabama has been installing electronic keyless entry systems for buildings and classrooms. This system allows the security department to automatically unlock and lock all doors at set times during the day. They also provide access for faculty who need to gain entry to the buildings and rooms outside the normal operating hours by swiping their action cards across the activation plates. All new and renovated buildings are being installed with this mechanism and the outside doors of numerous older buildings have been retrofitted with these mechanisms. Individuals who come across electronic doors that are locked when they should be unlocked or vice versa should call 348-9494 (Security Resources) to correct the situation. A CWID may be required to verify the identity of the caller.

ten Hoor

Ten Hoor was the first older A&S building to have a keyless entry system installed. This building is on an older system that is not tied into or controlled by ASTRA.

Before the start of each semester, departments will be required to send eTech a list of faculty, instructors, and GTAs who will need access to ten Hoor. eTech will send this information to the Security department so that the individuals are able to access the appropriate classrooms at the start of the semester. Doors are scheduled to be open 7:30am – 6:00pm Mon-Thu and 7:30am – 3:00pm Fri.

After the start of each semester, departments can request changes in individuals’ access using the A&S Building and Classroom Access Request.

B.B. Comer, Gordon Palmer, Manly, and Russell Hall

B.B. Comer, Gordon Palmer, Manly, and Russell Hall have all been installed with swipe cards on the new software system. This system is linked with ASTRA and will automatically grant access to faculty for the classrooms in which they are scheduled for classes by using their action cards. Doors should automatically unlock 15 minutes prior to class and stay unlocked until 15 minutes after class is finished. Rooms with back-to-back schedules will remain unlocked until the last class is finished. All faculty/instructors/TAs must be listed on the courses in ASTRA in order to have access outside class periods using their action card.

Other Buildings

For non-A&S controlled classrooms with swipe cards, departments will need to contact the appropriate college to which the classroom belongs in order to request access. For swipe card access to rooms in buildings owned by the Provost, departments need to contact the Building Administrator for the Office of Research at 348-6818. This includes access to Shelby, SEC, and Lloyd.