Sites for Sub-Units, Programs & Projects

Separate from our work on department websites, we host and build websites for many other A&S units and projects. We refer to these as sub-units, programs, and projects (SUPPs).

The SUPPs track includes a wide range of projects:

  • academic programs such as interdisciplinary majors, minors, or concentrations
  • service centers and institutes
  • research groups and labs
  • facilities that provide services to A&S departments, such as the Map Library and Mass Spectrometry Facility
  • research projects, such as grant-funded projects
  • special programs of the Dean’s Office or A&S Student Services
  • theme updates or new features for department websites
  • course blogs for faculty members

We do not provide personal websites for faculty or staff members; is the University’s resource for that service.

Students seeking web space for student organizations or other purposes should contact The Source.

Services Provided

SUPPs sites are typically assembled by eTech staff using templates available within our existing themes. We assist with content development and organization, photography, and occasionally, the design of specific graphic elements.

These sites are produced in six weeks, measured from the date the beta site is opened. The beta site will be opened only after we receive the basic required content, which is outlined in our Content Requirements for SUPPs Sites.

Here’s how a SUPPs project typically proceeds from that point: 

  • At or before the end of weeks two and four we’ll provide site components for review by emailing you a link and requesting feedback within one week, sometimes more quickly depending on where we are in the process. We may send you links to review at other points in the process, too, particularly if the project is complex. 
  • At the end of week five, we’ll stop adding new features or making major design changes and begin preparing the site for launch. Content changes such as fixing links, correcting typos, and switching out photos are OK at this point, but anything more involved may need to be handled as a separate project. 
  • At the end of week six, eTech will take the site live.

User Training and Access

After launch, the site owner(s) will receive WordPress training from eTech, and then we will turn over the site to them. Keep in mind that faculty, staff, and students who need editing access to any A&S website must complete the A&S Web Accessibility Course prior to receiving their WordPress training and user accounts from eTech.

eTech staff are available to provide content and technical support as needed, but responsibility for routine post-launch content changes rests with the site owner(s).

Where to Start

If you are an A&S faculty or staff member looking to build a non-department website, including a course blog, start by completing our website request form. We will email you within one week after you submit the form to set up a meeting.