Academic Department Redesign Queue

The following table shows the semester in which we’ll arrange a meeting with the department chair (or her/his designates) to discuss redesigning the department’s website, followed by the launch date for the new website. We’ve included semesters to make it easier for chairs to determine who should be involved in the process. For more information about the timing of redesigns, read the Scheduling and Timing sections toward the end of Web Services for Academic Departments.

Find out more about the redesign process on Web Services for Academic Departments.

If you have questions about making changes to your website before the redesign begins, complete our Website Project Request form or email


Department Initial Meeting Redesign Launches
American Studies Spring 2024 Summer 2024
Anthropology Summer 2021 Fall 2021
Art and Art History Summer 2024 Fall 2024
Biological Sciences Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Chemistry Summer 2023 Fall 2023
Communicative Disorders Fall 2021 Spring 2022
Criminal Justice Fall 2025 Fall 2025
English Spring 2023 Summer 2023
Gender and Race Studies Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Geography Summer 2025 Fall 2025
Geological Sciences Fall 2024 Spring 2025
History Summer 2023 Fall 2023
Math Spring 2025 Summer 2025
Modern Languages and Classics Summer 2026 Fall 2026
Museums Summer 2023 Spring 2024
Music Fall 2025 Spring 2026
New College Spring 2025 Fall 2025
Philosophy Spring 2024 Summer 2024
Physics and Astronomy Spring 2026 Summer 2026
Political Science Fall 2023 Spring 2024
Psychology Spring 2026 Spring 2026
Religious Studies Summer 2022 Fall 2022
Theatre and Dance Fall 2024 Spring 2023