Captioning Through Zoom

Zoom now allows for live captioning during events! Once enabled, viewers can choose whether they want to view the captions as they are running and whether they would like to view the transcript. This feature is available to all Pro accounts and can be used regardless of whether one decides to record the session.

For individuals who would like to save the transcripts for captioning videos, please note that live captioning in Zoom does not automatically save a full transcript when the video is saved to the cloud. However, you can ensure that your entire transcript is saved by selecting “View Transcript” while your event is in session and then clicking on “Save Transcript” when the session is finished. Please note, you must wait at least 30 seconds after the event ends before saving the transcript to make sure everything is included. Once you have reviewed the transcript, it can then be combined with the Zoom video to make your event fully accessible!

For more information on how to set up live transcriptions, see Live Transcription Available in Zoom – | The University of Alabama.