Why am I not getting emails?

If you find that you are not receiving emails that you are expecting, make sure to check your spam folder. OIT is regularly adjusting email settings in order to prevent faculty and staff from receiving the thousands of phishing and junk email messages that come through the system every day. However, sometimes these adjustments mean that legitimate emails accidentally get caught. Examples of legitimate emails that may be sent to junk include automated emails (auto-notifications and external listserves) and emails from countries outside of the US.

If you were expecting an email that did not appear in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder. If you find non-spam emails in that folder, we recommend that you click on the “not junk” button in the upper part of each of these emails. This will tell your email account to accept future emails from these sources. You can also let OIT (itsd@ua.edu) know if certain types of emails are being junked so OIT can review their settings.